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With 24" resaw capacity

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Laguna LT37 Bandsaw-front view
Laguna LT37 Bandsaw-back view
Laguna LT37 Bandsaw-side view
Laguna LT37 Bandsaw-spine view
Upper blade guide
Upper Blade Guide Spacer
Blade Guard
Four Extra Ceramic Guide Sets
Table Top Cast Iron Machined Way
Blade Tension Guide
Blade Tensioning Handle
Foot Brake
Dual Dust Ports, Cord with Plug
Two Extra Table Top Inserts
Bandsaw Machine Plate
Motor Plate


This Laguna LT37 Bandsaw was purchased new in June of 2015. The Laguna LT37 Bandsaw excels at resawing and at 15hp has the power to cut through tough and large material. The information supplied by Laguna on their website and other promotional material is incomplete and inaccurate. What they don't mention is that the upper guide raising & lowering mechanism only lowers to within 2-3/4" or so to the table top. A custom spacer block (included) brings the raising & lowering mechanism all the way to the table top enabling the user to cut thin stock. The table tilts on a rabbet-like mechanism, not rack and pinion. Only the upper guide raising mechanism is rack and pinion. To use a blade narrower than 1/2" you have to purchase a special lower guide at $295, which is included with this bandsaw.



  • Motor: – Baldor 15hp, 3 Phase, 208/230/460 Volt. Wired 230 Volt

  • Amp breaker: – 50amp, 3-phase (check with a licensed electrician for determining wiring gauge size and circuit breaker size.

  • Resaw Capacity: – Approximately 24"

  • Table Size: – 31" x 50"

  • Minimum Blade Width: – 1/4". Any blade less than 1/2" wide requires the optional Lower Guide Ceramic Cool Block Guide which is included with this machine.

  • Maximum Blade Width: – 2"

  • Blade Guides: Laguna Ceramic.

  • Blade Length: – 261" (260"-263")

  • Table Height: – 42"

  • Upper Guide Raising Mechanism: – Rack & Pinion

  • Table Tilt Mechanism: – Large lock nut with Curved Rabbet sliding mechanism.

  • Base Size: – 23" x 54".

  • Height: – 113"

  • Net Weight: – 1610 lbs.

  • Made in Italy.

  • Specifications are deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

  • View/Download Manual (6MB File)


  • Laguna LT37 Bandsaw-New Cost: $12,000

  • Lower Blade Guide for 1/2" or narrower blades: $295.00

  • Custom upper guide spacer block: $150

  • Two (2) NEW Table Top Throat Inserts: ($35.00 each): $75.00

  • 15 feet 6/4 SOOJ electric cord with 50 Amp plug and receptacle: $80.00

  • 4 Pairs Extra Ceramic Cool Blocks ($125 each pair): $500.00

  • 6" Dust Hoses, Hose Clamps, 6-6-6 'Y'-Adapter, 6" to 4" Reducer & Rockler Dust Right® 4" Tool Port: $125.00

  • TOTAL NEW PRICE $13,455.00. PRICE IS $8950.00 FOB Albuquerque, NM

  • Payment Terms-Cash only for pickup. If shipping, a cashier check or money order. Shipping will be delayed by 10 business days for the check to clear. Payment in full prior to delivery if delivering per information below,.


  • The customer is responsible for all freight and shipping fees.

  • To ship by common carrier the bandsaw would have to be put on its spine and a special crate would need to be built. The fee is $750.00 for the crate.

  • If at all possible, it's recommended that the bandsaw be picked up on a flatbed trailer if within 1000 miles of Albuquerque, NM. Will palletize or similar at no charge or...

  • I will deliver within the following distances for the fees listed below.

    • Within 250 miles of Albuquerque, NM: $450.00

    • Within 250+ to 450 miles of Albuquerque, NM: $650

    • Within 450+ to 750 miles of Albuquerque, NM: $950

    • Within 750+ to 950 miles of Albuquerque, NM: $1250


Call Mark at 505-490-9048


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